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Not the News was created to be a fun weekly escape. As the news over the last few months became monotonous and wearying, we’ve tried to provide a space to learn and think about interesting things; an intellectual diversion from current events; a luxury.

No such thing is called for this week. This is a moment to train your eyes carefully on what’s going on around you.

Focus on those who bring us the news. As of this writing, U.S. police have assaulted journalists 160 times during protests following George Floyd’s death.

Focus on your discomfort when you watch videos like these.

Focus on the fact that police said the man in the video “tripped” until this video came to light.

Focus on what would have happened if a local reporter hadn’t happened to be standing nearby recording on their smartphone.

Focus on the intimate and organic reporting from grassroots reporters in Minneapolis.

Focus on outlets, like the Black News Channel, that provide a Black perspective on the news.

Journalism is foundational in a free and just society where reporters give voice to the issues and stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. Journalism often sparks action, catalyzes movements, and protects our democracy.

Here are some specific things you can do to support the free press that holds power to account:

  1. Consider supporting your local nonprofit newsroom. Consolidation, private equity ownership, and the loss of ad revenue has crippled local reporting, which is especially important in an era of media mistrust.

  2. Consider supporting organizations that fight for press freedom. These include the Reporters Committee for the Freedom of the Press, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, and the ACLU.

As we have spent the last few months sharing interesting articles and stories with you all, we felt it was important this week to shine a light on those who give us the news and bring information, analysis, and opinion into our lives.

Thanks for reading,

Charlie & Meital